Bystrictin™ is a Natural Formula Creates An Immediate Gastric Bypass Effect – Reducing Available Space In Stomach – Practically Forcing You ToEAT 70% LESS And Lose Weight WITHOUT SURGERY.

Bystrictin™ is clinically proven to create an immediate gastric bypass effect, practically forcing you to eat less food and lose weight without surgery. Simply drink our delicious supercharged shake followed by a glass of water and our proprietary all-natural complex willexpand in your stomach over 50X in size – leaving only about 30% of available space left for food. Just like with gastric bypass, this unique process will trigger your brain to feel so FULL that you simplyCAN’T eat for the next 5 – 6 hours!


How It Works

Only Bystrictin™ contains Bariaxin™, a proprietary complex that utilizes Gastric Fill Technology (GFT). This revolutionary complex is a blend of specialized soluble fibers – NOT stimulants, fat blockers or diuretics. Simply replace 1 – 2 meals with our delicious shake and follow up with a glass of water. The ingredients in Bystrictin™ will absorb the water and form a blocking gel inside your stomach within minutes. You’ll feel completely satisfied without jittery stimulants or harmful side effects. And no need to worry about willpower, because Bystrictin™ lets you easily replace 1 – 2 meals every day without ever feeling hungry. So you can lose weight from DAY 1… safely and naturally!